Hye Young Jung

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A synthetic method of ordering hydrophilic gold nanoparticles into a close-packed two-dimensional array at a hexane-water interface and subsequent transferring of such structure onto a solid substrate is described. By repeating the transfer process, multilayered gold nanoparticle films are formed without need of linker molecules. Their surface enhanced(More)
Regression Analysis is an analyzing method of regression model to explain the statistical relationship between explanatory variables and response variables. This paper propose a new regression analysis applying Theil's method based on F-transform. The main advantage of Theil's method in regression is the robustness, which means that it is not sensitive to(More)
The fuzzy time series is introduced by Song and Chissom[8] to construct a pattern for time series with vague or linguistic value. Many methods using the interval and fuzzy logical relationship related with historical data have been suggested to enhance the forecasting accuracy. But they do not fully reflect the fluctuation of historical data. Therefore, we(More)
This paper deals with optimal properties of fuzzy least squares estimators of the fuzzy linear regression model with fuzzy input-output data that has an error structure. Fuzzy least squares estimators with new operations for regression parameters were proposed earlier in our previous study based on a suitable metric, and shows that the estimators are(More)
This paper first illustrates that a response function for the center of interval outputs may not be identical with that for the width of interval outputs in the interval regression model. Then we estimate the interval regression model using the best regression model for the center and the width of the predicted interval and minimizing the length of the(More)
An enzyme stimulated deposition of prussian blue onto the gold-coated magnetic microparticles is described. We propose to synthesize the continuous outer gold layer on the magnetic particle for a gold working electrode and its superparamagnetic property. In-depth characterization of the gold shell formation was studied with scanning electron microscopy,(More)
In regression analysis, such as other statistical inference problems, imprecise data may be encountered. In this paper, we focused on some statistical inferences in fuzzy regression model on the basis of information the supplied by the available fuzzy data based on imprecise data. For these, we consider the maximum likelihood estimates of linear regression(More)