Hye-Youn Youm

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OBJECTIVES Advances in reconstruction and conservative surgery and the importance of quality of life (QOL) encouraged this reevaluation of surgery-based treatments for oropharyngeal cancer. We tried to compare treatment outcome and QOL after surgery-based versus radiation-based treatment in oropharyngeal cancer. METHODS The 133 eligible patients were(More)
OBJECTIVE Surgical removal of a thyroglossal duct cyst (TGDC) and its tract is usually accomplished through an external neck incision, including the removal of the middle part of hyoid bone and a block of tissues extending to the foramen cecum. However, this procedure inevitably results in neck scarring. We implemented a modified approach to TGDC removal in(More)
CONCLUSION The results revealed that children with intellectual disability (ID) who underwent cochlear implantation (CI) showed gradual progress in their auditory perception and speech development. ID in children should not be considered a contraindication for CI, because they are able to obtain a chance to develop oral communication skills following CI. (More)
BACKGROUND Bilateral neck metastases (BNM) in patients with upper aero-digestive tract cancer (UADTC) indicate a poor prognosis. However, the prognostic significance of involved neck node levels has not been determined clearly. In this study, the distribution of neck nodal metastasis and its impact on prognosis were investigated. METHODS Eighty-two(More)
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