Hye Won Moon

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Peritoneal pregnancies are classified as primary and secondary. Primary implantation on the peritoneum is extremely rare in extrauterine pregnancy and is a potentially life-threatening variation of ectopic pregnancy within the peritoneal cavity, representing a grave risk to maternal health. Secondary abdominal pregnancies are by far the most common and(More)
In order to define osteoporosis on the basis of bone mineral measurements, one must define an acceptable normal range or fracture threshold. It is clear that the normal range cannot be compared between different ethnic groups. We have measured spinal bone mineral density (BMD) by dual photon absorptiometry in 277 women without spinal fracture, aged 30-91(More)
Bronchoplastic lobectomy is a lung-saving procedure indicated for central tumors, for which the alternative is pneumonectomy. We compared operative mortality and complications between bronchoplastic lobectomy and pneumonectomy in lung cancer patients. From March 1993 through December 2005, 1,461 patients were surgically resected for non-small cell lung(More)
Fracture of femur without evidence of severe osteoporosis rarely occurs as a result of minor external force such as a gentle passive or an active range of motion exercises. We report two cases of femoral shaft fracture occurred at the tip of heterotopic ossification of femur by a minor external force, in which the involved femur shows no evidence of(More)
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