Hye-Seong Lee

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OBJECTIVE Several studies implicate elevated homocysteine as a risk factor for dementia and cognitive decline, but most studies have involved subjects older than 55 years from homogeneous populations. The authors examined homocysteine and cognition in a tri-ethnic community sample 40 years and older. METHOD The Northern Manhattan Study includes 3,298(More)
OBJECTIVE Parental obesity has been identified as a predominant risk factor for childhood overweight and obesity. We investigated the relationship between parent and child obesity in South Korea, particularly linked with varying family structures. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Data for households with children aged 2-18 years were taken from the pooled data of the(More)
We examined major trends and patterns regarding sodium and potassium intake and the ratio of sodium and potassium in the diets of South Koreans. We used data from 24-h dietary recall data from 10,267, 8819 and 9264 subjects ages > or =2 years in the 1998, 2005 and 2009 Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys, respectively. Mean sodium(More)
We compared subjective responses to simple questions after stroke with interviewer-assessed stroke outcome measures. Among those in the highest functional category, women were more likely to report incomplete recovery and greater need for help than men. Among these women, depressed mood was associated with a response of a need for help despite a good(More)
The accurate quantification of sensory difference/similarity between foods, as well as consumer acceptance/preference and concepts, is greatly needed to optimize and maintain food quality. The R-Index is one class of measures of the degree of difference/similarity, and was originally developed for sensory difference tests for food quality control, product(More)
3-AFC discrimination tests between 2 confusable versions of apple juice were performed using a variety of interstimulus rinsing regimes, to investigate the effects of order of tasting on difference test sensitivity. The results were compared to predictions from the sequential sensitivity analysis (SSA) model and the conditional stimulus (CS) model, which(More)
In this study, we engineered liposomal indocyanine green (ICG) to maximize its photothermal effects while maintaining the fluorescence intensity. Various liposomal formulations of ICG were prepared by varying the lipid composition and the molar ratio between total lipid and ICG, and their photothermal characteristics were evaluated under near-infrared(More)
As sodium reduction has become very important in the food industry, various types of unspecified duo-trio tests have been studied to improve its efficiency for studying samples with high sodium content, and a constant-saltier-reference duo-trio test with dual reference, one reference in the first position and the second reference in the middle between the(More)
As reformulations and processing changes are increasingly needed in the food industry to produce healthier, more sustainable, and cost effective products while maintaining superior quality, reliable measurements of consumers' sensory perception and discrimination are becoming more critical. Consumer discrimination methods using a preferred-reference(More)