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Phylogenetic analysis of porcine astrovirus in domestic pigs and wild boars in South Korea
Porcine astrovirus (PAstV) belongs to genetically divergent lineages within the genus Mamastrovirus. In this study, 25/129 (19.4 %) domestic pig and 1/146 (0.7 %) wild boar fecal samples tested inExpand
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Differential expression profiling of the proteomes and their mRNAs in porcine white and red skeletal muscles
Skeletal muscle is an heterogeneous tissue with various biochemical and physical properties of several fiber types. In this study, we carried out the comparative study of protein expression patternsExpand
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Porous carbon materials with a controllable surface area synthesized from metal-organic frameworks.
Carbonization of zinc containing metal-organic frameworks produces porous carbon materials with an interesting linear relationship between the Zn/C ratio of the precursors and the surface area of theExpand
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NK cell function triggered by multiple activating receptors is negatively regulated by glycogen synthase kinase-3β.
Activation of NK cells is triggered by combined signals from multiple activating receptors that belong to different families. Several NK cell activating receptors have been identified, but their roleExpand
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Effects of amine nature and nonleaving group substituents on rate and mechanism in aminolyses of 2,4-dinitrophenyl X-substituted benzoates.
Second-order rate constants have been measured for the reactions of 2,4-dinitrophenyl X-substituted benzoates (1a-f) with a series of primary amines in 80 mol % H(2)O/20 mol % DMSO at 25.0 +/- 0.1Expand
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Waffle-Cone Technique Using Solitaire AB Stent
The waffle-cone technique is a modified stent application technique, which involves protrusion of the distal portion of a stent into an aneurysm fundus to provide neck support for subsequent coiling.Expand
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Apple pomace increases mycelial growth of Pleurotus ostreatus
Apple pomace is a by-product from the apple processing industry and has the potential to support the growth of microorganisms. In this study, the effect of apple pomace on the growth rate ofExpand
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Cloning and developmental expression of a metzincin family metalloprotease cDNA from oyster mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus.
A cDNA clone, PoMTP, encoding a putative metzincin family metalloprotease was isolated from the expressed sequence tags of a basidiomycete Pleurotus ostreatus. The 5'-end sequence of PoMTP wasExpand
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Comparative studies of skeletal muscle proteome and transcriptome profilings between pig breeds
Two genetically different pig breeds, the Korean native pig (KNP) and the Western meat-producing Landrace, show breed-specific traits in stress responsiveness (stress hormone levels), growthExpand
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