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OBJECTIVE Patients with diabetes often have dyslipidemia and increased postprandial lipidmia. Induction of diabetes in LDL receptor (Ldlr(-/-)) knockout mice also leads to marked dyslipidemia. The reasons for this are unclear. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS We placed Ldlr(-/-) and heterozygous LDL receptor knockout (Ldlr(+/-)) mice on a high-cholesterol(More)
The most energy-requiring organ in the body, the cardiac muscle, relies primarily on lipoprotein-derived fatty acids. Prenatal loss of cardiac lipoprotein lipase (LPL) leads to hypertriglyceridemia, but no cardiac dysfunction, in young mice. Cardiac specific loss of LPL in 8-wk-old mice was produced by a 2-wk tamoxifen treatment of MerCreMer(More)
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