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The role of iron was evaluated with respect to the virulence of Trichomonas vaginalis in mice. Iron-supplemented and iron-depleted Diamond's trypticase-yeast extract-maltose (TYM) media were prepared by adding 360 microM of ferrous sulfate and 100 microM of 2,2'-dipyridyl. Trophozoites cultivated from normal TYM and iron-supplemented TYM media produced(More)
Prostaglandin (PGE2), synthesized by cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2), is associated with cellular immune tolerance during the process of cancer development. Induction of tolerance requires a specific environment in which dendritic cells and regulatory T cells (Tregs) play an essential role. It was recently shown that maturation of dendritic cells in the presence(More)
The effects of several ionophores on renin secretion were investigated in rabbit renal cortical slices. When slices were incubated in the absence of Ca++, the K+ ionophore valinomycin (10(-5) approximately 5 x 10(-4) M) or the monovalent cation ionophore nonactin (10(-4) M) stimulated renin secretion about 2-fold. The renin secretion stimulated by(More)
A new technique of preserving ureteral blood supply in heterotopic rat renal transplantation is described. This entails leaving an intact gonadal artery in continuity with the donor aortic stump, which is anastomosed to the recipient aorta. Comparison of this technique with conventional methods wherein the spermatic artery is ligated revealed a marked(More)
The present study deals with attempts to deliver cyclosporin A into the deeper skin and some of the fundamental reasons why this proves so difficult. Because of different physicochemical requirements for the solution and activity of cyclosporin A and the enhancer, n-decylmethyl sulfoxide, it was hard to demonstrate increases in permeation of cyclosporin A(More)
The influences of n-decylmethyl sulfoxide (NDMS) on the permeation of phenyl propanolamine, propranolol, acyclovir, and hydrocortisone through hairless mouse skin were investigated. Permeation of these compounds increased systematically with increasing NDMS concentration up to a limiting value for the permeability coefficient of about 0.1 cm/h. Permeability(More)
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