Hye-Jung Kang

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Efforts have been made to develop a chemoprevention strategy that selectively triggers apoptosis in malignant cancer cells. Previous studies showed that capsaicin, the major pungent ingredient of red pepper, had differential effect between normal and transformed cells. As an approach to unveil the molecular mechanism by which capsaicin selectively induces(More)
Cell cycle regulators and signal transduction pathways can influence apoptotic sensitivity of tumor cells, and we previously described an association between EGFr overexpression, reduced DNA repair activity, and increased apoptotic sensitivity of ME-180 cervical carcinoma cells toward cis-diammedichloroplatinum (cDDP; K. Nishikawa, et al., Cancer Res., 52:(More)
CdCr2O4 is a magnetic compound that crystallizes into what is known as a cubic spinel structure, and the magnetic properties stem from the Cr3+ ions, which form a network of corner-sharing tetrahedra. Despite the presence of relatively strong antiferromagnetic, nearest-neighbor interactions between these ions, the peculiar spatial arrangement of the Cr(More)
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