Hye Joo Han

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We examined whether estimating average duration was influenced by the distribution peak location. We presented participants with samples of various tone durations and then presented comparison tone durations. Participants judged whether each comparison duration was longer than the average sample duration. Estimates of the averages were inferred from the(More)
For five individuals, a social network was constructed from a series of his or her dreams. Three important network measures were calculated for each network: transitivity, assortativity, and giant component proportion. These were monotonically related; over the five networks as transitivity increased, assortativity increased and giant component proportion(More)
We investigated the ability of people to time themselves as they perform cognitive tasks. One group did a memory search task, another did a visual search task. After each response, participants estimated the duration of their own reaction time. In both tasks, correlations between reaction times and temporal judgments were significant, showing that people(More)
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