Hye Jeong Park

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Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are highly attractive materials because of their ultra-high surface areas, simple preparation approaches, designable structures, and potential applications. In the past several years, MOFs have attracted worldwide attention in the area of hydrogen energy, particularly for hydrogen storage. In this review, the recent progress(More)
Recently, the roles of sirtuins (SIRTs) in tumorigenesis have been of interest to oncologists, and protein kinase CK2 α1 (CSNK2A1) has been shown to be involved in tumorigenesis by phosphorylating various proteins, including SIRT1. Therefore, we evaluated the roles of CSNK2A1, SIRT6, and phosphorylated SIRT6 and their relationships in breast carcinoma.(More)
Postpartum sacral fracture is relatively rare, and its diagnosis is often delayed. We herein report such a case of a 28-year-old patient who presented with an insidious-onset lower back pain, left buttock pain, and radicular symptoms mimicking lumbar radiculopathy. Laboratory tests showed a decreased 25-hydroxy vitamin D level, and the bone mineral(More)
Rhinocerebral mucormycosis (RCM) is an opportunistic, potentially life-threatening fungal disease. This infective disease invades not only the facial sinuses, but also the maxilla, zygoma, and rhino-cerebral structures with a massive destruction of the facial skeletons and soft tissue. This disease progresses within various underlying diseases, such as(More)
As an uncommon, malignant salivary gland tumor with female predominance, hyalinizing clear cell carcinoma (HCCC) is regarded as an indolent tumor. The diagnosis of this rare tumor is challenging, and it depends on microscopic and immunohistochemical (IHC) studies. Although it is regarded as an indolent tumor, there are reports of unconventional forms with(More)
Concentrations of trans-resveratrol were analyzed in 36 Korean-grown grape cultivars, including cv. Kyoho. This cultivar has large irregular berries and a deep-black skin and accounts for >15% of all grapevines grown in Korea. The content of trans-resveratrol is an important quality parameter, and its pattern of variability increased gradually until the(More)
BMI-1026 is a synthetic aminopyrimidine compound that targets cyclin dependent kinases (cdks) and was initially designed as a potential anticancer drug. Even though it has been well documented that BMI-1026 is a potent cdk inhibitor, little is known about the cellular effects of this compound. In this study, we examined the effects of BMI-1026 treatment on(More)
BACKGROUND We investigated the association between the severity of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and the estimated 10-year risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) calculated by Pooled Cohort Equation (PCE) and Framingham risk score (FRS). METHODS A total of 15,913 participants (mean age, 46.3 years) in a health screening program were selected for(More)
KM-HN-1 is a C-terminal coiled-coil domain containing protein previously referred to as image clone MGC33607. This protein has been previously identified as a cancer/testis antigen and reported as nuclear and chromatin localizing protein. We raised polyclonal antisera with the GST fusion protein and identified them as a 105 kDa protein. Motif analysis(More)