Hyder Usman

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Besides their role in the generation of action potentials, voltage-gated potassium channels are implicated in cellular processes ranging from cell division to cell death. The K(+) channel regulator protein (KCNRG), identified as a putative tumor suppressor, reduces K(+) currents through human K(+) channels hKv1.1 and hKv1.4 expressed in Xenopus oocytes.(More)
Fast inactivation in voltage-gated potassium channels has traditionally been associated exclusively with the N-terminus. Here, we explore the role of the T1 domain using a series of chimeric channels. A chimeric channel, 4N/2, (N-terminus from the rapidly inactivating hKv1.4, and the channel body from the non-inactivating hKv1.2), exhibited slower and(More)
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