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Human LL-37 is a multifunctional antimicrobial peptide that promotes inflammation, angiogenesis, wound healing, and tumor metastasis. Most effects of LL-37 are mediated via the activation of the cell(More)
Platelet activating factor (PAF) interacts with cell surface receptors to mediate inflammatory responses. To determine the mechanisms of PAF receptor regulation, we constructed epitope-tagged human(More)
Chemoattractants are thought to be the first mediators generated at sites of bacterial infection. We hypothesized that signaling through G protein-coupled chemoattractant receptors may stimulate(More)
Although human mast cells express G protein coupled receptors for the anaphylatoxin C3a, previous studies indicated that C3a causes mast cell degranulation, at least in part, via a C3a(More)