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It is widely recognized that the relationships between organizations and their IS departments are changing. This trend threatens to undermine the retention of IS workers and the productivity of IS operations. In the study reported here, we examine IS employees' motivation and intent to remain using structural equation modeling. A survey was conducted among(More)
The original conceptualization of usability was ease of use, this was later expanded into a multi-dimensional construct in ISO standards and usability literature. Such an expansion is seen as an improvement, since cross-study comparison or benchmarking cannot objectively be done without a common set of usability components being defined. The current issue(More)
This paper examines the relationship between organizational loyalty and technostress for IS&T workers. A survey was conducted in the United States Midwest. The path model developed from the results indicated that perceived job stress lowered job satisfaction, while better technology management strategy increased job satisfaction and organizational(More)
The field of study which addresses the store environment and its impact on retail sales is known as atmospherics. Store atmospherics impact emotional reactions, which in turn affects consumers’ attitudes towards the store. Ultimately, these elements have direct influence on the popularity and success of the store. This paper explores how the ideas of retail(More)
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