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The current distribution of the second antenna at 3.7 GHz is presented by Figure 10(f). The simple Slot structure as shown in Figure 2(b) has wide bandwidth, but it is not covering WLAN upper and GSM 1800 so when the ring structure is implemented, the current will distribute on ring and for lower frequencies also as shown in Figure 10(a), the maximum(More)
This paper presents a two-stage PA MMIC using 0.4-μm GaN-HEMT. Two-stage structure is adopted to take its high gain property and simple inter-stage matching network. The size and loss of the inter-stage matching network can be reduced by including bond wires as a part of the shunt inductors in the matching network. The two-stage PA MMIC was(More)
This paper presents a high-power inverted Doherty power amplifier for broader operational bandwidth. After analyzing two operation modes according to the load modulation of the Doherty power amplifier, the inverted Doherty structure was selected. In the design, the load impedances for optimum broadband characteristics at both the back-off and peak power(More)
This paper presents a method of improving efficiency for the two-stage Doherty power amplifier (DPA) using the optimized current of the peaking amplifier. The DPA has a two-stage structure for both the carrier and peaking amplifiers. The first stage of the peaking amplifier has an adjusted bias condition for a near Class-B operation, while the first stage(More)
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