Hwi-Ju Kao

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A newly recognized clinical and morphologic pattern of acute alcoholic liver disease is described. Twenty-one patients, having the hepatic morphologic features of alcoholic foamy degeneration, were retrospectively analyzed. All patients had a significant history of chronic alcoholism. Jaundice and hepatomegaly were usually present. Hepatic encephalopathy,(More)
We have studied three patients with chronic HBV infection who had a superimposed bout of type A hepatitis. The patients recovered uneventfully without observing a change in their clinical course afterwards. In one patient we observed transient disappearance of DNA polymerase during type A hepatitis; we have postulated that this is probably related to(More)
In this case report we present a diabetic patient with isolated, pupil-sparing, incomplete inferior division third cranial nerve palsy. Laboratory tests for the evaluation of thyroid function, infection, myasthenia gravis and autoimmune diseases were normal. Cranial computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and magnetic resonance angiography also(More)
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