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Representing commonality and variability in the software product line architectures requires extension of the existing representation mechanisms (RMs). Various RMs including Orthogonal Variability Model (OVM) or extensions of the UML notation have been proposed by the well-known software product line (SPL) engineering methods. However, there is no research(More)
Software product line engineering (SPLE) is a software development approach that attempts to maximize reusability. In the domain engineering phase, managing variability poses a great challenge to developers because traditional techniques of software engineering are not applicable in handling variability. In this paper, we apply the Product Family Modeling(More)
Product line test development is more complicated than test development for a single application, as the former has to deal with variability among assets (artifacts) and is carried out in two separate but related development phases, i.e. domain engineering and application engineering. Different software product test development methods provide different(More)
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