Hwee Siang Tan

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Using a recently developed generalized Weyl formalism, we construct an asymptotically flat, static vacuum Einstein solution that describes a superposition of multiple five-dimensional Schwarzschild black holes. The spacetime exhibits a U(1) × U(1) rotational symmetry. It is argued that for certain choices of parameters, the black holes are collinear and so(More)
Large 2-D sparse array provides high angular resolution microwave images but artifacts are also induced by the high sidelobes of the beam pattern, thus, limiting its dynamic range. CLEAN technique has been used in the literature to extract strong scatterers for use in subsequent signal cancelation (artifacts removal). However, the performance of DFT(More)
By performing a derivative expansion on a class of boosted Born-Infeld-AdS 5 black branes, we study the hydrodynamics of the dual field theory-in the spirit of AdS/CFT correspondence. We determine the fluid dynamical stress-energy tensor to first order, and find that the ratio of the shear viscosity to entropy density conforms to the universal value of 1/4π(More)
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