Hwee Siang Tan

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The rotation of structures in a target introduces additional frequency modulations on the returned signals and also generates sidebands about the center Doppler frequency of the target. In other words, the body image will be contaminated due to the interference from the rotating parts. In this paper, an imaging method for moving targets with rotating parts(More)
Large 2-D sparse array provides high angular resolution microwave images but artifacts are also induced by the high sidelobes of the beam pattern, thus, limiting its dynamic range. CLEAN technique has been used in the literature to extract strong scatterers for use in subsequent signal cancellation (artifacts removal). However, the performance of DFT(More)
Multiple input multiple output (MIMO) radar transmits orthogonal or non-coherent waveforms which greatly improve the array aperture. Works published generally only consider narrow band signal and/or point targets located in one range cell. In this paper, the study of range and azimuth angle imaging of extended targets employing wideband hopped frequency(More)
It has been shown that Multiple-Input Multiple-Output radar can dramatically improve the performance of a radar. In this paper, the Direct Sequence Code Division Multiple Access(DS-CDMA) sequence are used as transmitting waveforms for the different antennas. Due to the high sidelobe of the code correlation, conventional code correlation range compression(More)
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