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The Health Promotion Board (HPB) and the Ministry of Health (MOH) publish clinical practice guidelines to provide doctors and patients in Singapore with evidence-based guidance on managing important medical conditions. This article reproduces the introduction and executive summary (with recommendations from the guidelines) from the HPB-MOH clinical practice(More)
The sociocultural constructivist perspective regards interaction as vital to collaborative learning. In e-learning contexts, the quality of electronic educational discourse has been extensively analyzed for indications of information sharing and meaning negotiation with discourse and content analytical methods. Recently, the method of social network(More)
  • H L Lim
  • 1993
Depression is a common and treatable condition. Failure to diagnose it may lead to unnecessary investigations, delay in treatment and an increased risk of suicide. Anti-depressant drugs are the first line of treatment. Tricyclics are generally the drugs of choice as their efficacy is very well established. Second generation antidepressant drugs are(More)
From a sociocultural constructivist perspective of learning, dialogic interactions between students and tutors support meaning negotiation that leads to knowledge construction. In online educational contexts, interaction between learning parties is largely facilitated by CMC technologies. Most research has focused on asynchronous CMC modes which are held to(More)
  • Divonna M. Stebick, Mary L. Paxton, +8 authors Jason Mull
  • 2015
Share feedback about the accessibility of this item. Abstract In this chapter, the researchers used an ethnographic stance to demonstrate how conversation evolved within a social media platform. They investigated the online discussions and face-to-face dialogues between teacher educators and pre-service teachers. They compared the participants' reciprocal(More)
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