Hwea Yoon Kim

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We present high performance back channel etch (BCE) oxide TFT of which overlap capacitance between source/drain and gate is minimized. With considering application to the plastic LCD, we fabricated BCE TFT under 250<sup>o</sup>C with PECVD SiN<sub>x</sub>/PEALD SiO<sub>2</sub> gate insulator and its mobility, S.S, V<sub>th</sub> are 28.7 cm<sup>2</sup>/V.s,(More)
We report on the fabrication of a siloxane-encapsulated quantum dot (QD) film (QD-silox film), which exhibits stable emission intensity for over 1 month even at elevated temperature and humidity. QD-silox films are solidified via free radical addition reaction between oligosiloxane resin and ligand molecules on QDs. We prepare the QD-oligosiloxane resin by(More)
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