HwangRyol Ryu

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This paper describes preliminary results from using reactive control architecture, known as CAPSC (Control Architecture for Poor Strip Cutting), which is designed for a gas cutting robot in Gwangyang steelworks, South Korea. This gas cutting mobile robot, called APSCR (Autonomous Poor Strip Cutting Robot) is designed to identify the poor strips, move an(More)
Factory automation has been largely applied on the existing infrastructure of the steel industry in the perspective of increasing production, reducing cost, increasing customer satisfaction, and sustaining the global competition. Many workers, however, have still physically suffered from the backbreaking work due to the two twelve-hour shifts and(More)
We present an equipment development for PET banding header that complements the steel banding machine currently being installed in Pohang Steel Works, South Korea. The PET banding header was developed due to the damage done on the surface of the cold rolling products whilst being transported. Because the PET Banding Header was designed as a friction-binding(More)
We propose the use of Bayesian approach to a reactive robot control in conjunction with a nonlinear filtering scheme known as particle filters. The approach integrates the optimal control from Bayesian framework with one of the path planning methods known as Vector Field Histogram. Doing this ensures the particle filtering method to track an optimal(More)
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