HwangKyu Yang

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Korean fingerspelling serves as a more cost effective approach in designing data glove for fingerspelling recognition purpose. This motivates us to develop a system that provides learners with a self learning module and has their own personal tutor - data glove. Therefore, in this paper, we introduce a motion sensitive glove-based Korean Fingerspelling(More)
This paper proposes augmented learning contents (ALC) that can supply learners with dynamic interactions using multimedia information by recognizing real images of off-line contents using mobile devices. The techniques employed allow children to rapidly gain access to a large repository of multimedia information through the use of a camera- equipped mobile(More)
This paper adopts skeletonization approach to represent Chinese character and uses the resulting written strokes for optimized matching. We use shortest path method that represented by end node pair and junction node pair in the character for matching. This strategy is improved from the original shortest skeleton path matching by introducing the junction(More)
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