Hwang Soo Lee

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A novel differential detection technique for multiple phase shift keying (MPSK), which uses multiple-symbol observation interval, is proposed and its performance is analyzed. The proposed technique detects the transmitted symbol with accumulation of the differential signal vector projected on the previously received symbol. As with the multiple-symbol(More)
We present a generalized version of principal ratio combining (PRC), which is a near-optimum detection scheme for space-time codes in quasistatic flat fading environments. In Tarokh and Lo (1998), the performance penalty increases as the number of receive antennas increases. In the proposed scheme, receive antennas are optimally grouped by K, and the PRC(More)
We present the effect of several standard speech coders on speech recognition in adverse communication environments such as tandem, frame erasure, and noisy conditions. These environments were chosen to simulate the operational condition of IMT-2000. The comparative results can provide a guideline for selecting a speech coder when a speech recognition(More)
This letter presents two adaptive interpolation methods based on applying an inverse gradient to conventional bilinear and bicubic interpolation. In simulations, the proposed methods exhibited a better performance than conventional bilinear and bicubic methods, particularly in the edge regions. In addition, the proposed methods can be used irrespective of(More)
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