Hwang Ki Kim

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PURPOSE Transforming growth factor-beta2 is known to be present at elevated levels in the aqueous humor of patients with primary open angle glaucoma (POAG) and diabetes but not in uveitis-related secondary glaucoma. We investigated total TGF-beta2 levels and levels of the active form of TGF-beta2 in the aqueous humor of eyes with different types of(More)
PURPOSE We evaluated the clinical use of segmented macular layer thickness measurement in terms of glaucoma diagnosis and the ability to detect progression, and to compare such outcomes to those by circumpapillary retinal nerve fiber layer (cRNFLT) and total macular thickness (TMT) measurements. METHODS The study included 141 glaucomatous and 61 healthy(More)
PURPOSE To study the concentration of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in the aqueous humor before and after intracameral injection of bevacizumab in eyes with neovascular glaucoma, and to detect the duration of an anti-VEGF effect of bevacizumab in the anterior chamber. METHODS In this prospective interventional case series, 1.25 mg of(More)
PURPOSE We investigated the distribution of central corneal thickness (CCT), and its association with age, sex, intraocular pressure (IOP), anterior chamber depth (ACD), axial length (AL), and the presence of systemic hypertension and diabetes in a Korean population. METHODS Our study is a population-based glaucoma prevalence study of residents aged ≥40(More)
PURPOSE To compare the success rates, complications, and visual outcomes between silicone Ahmed glaucoma valve (AGV) implantation with 96 mm(2) (FP8) or 184 mm(2) (FP7) surface areas. METHODS This study is a retrospective review of the records from 132 adult patients (134 eyes) that underwent silicone AGV implant surgery. Among them, the outcomes of 24(More)
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