Hwang Ho Kim

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In this paper, we consider a pattern generation method for multi-class classification using logical analysis of data (LAD). Specifically, we apply two decomposition approaches—one versus all, and one versus one— to multi-class classification problems, and develop an efficient iterative genetic algorithm with flexible chromosomes and multiple populations(More)
Recently, logical analysis of data (LAD) using a classifier based on a linear combination of patterns has been introduced, providing high classification accuracy and pattern-based interpretability on classification results. However, it is known that most of LAD-based multi-classification algorithms have conflicts between classification accuracy and(More)
The tire manufacturing process consists of four major steps, including mixing, component preparation, building, and curing. Among these, the mixing process is the most important, since it produces a type of synthesized rubber called a compound, which determines various features of the tire and consumes 70% of the overall manufacturing budget. However,(More)
Data Interchange Formats(DIFs) can enhance interoperability of physically distributed organizations in Simulation Based Acquisition(SBA) process by being used as a template for exchanging information in Distributed Product Descriptions(DPDs) directly without data format interchange among different acquisition tools. In this paper, we propose a framework for(More)
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