Hwang-Bin Ryou

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Nodes in WSN(Wireless Sensor Network) have limited energy. Once they are deployed, it is difficult to supply additional energy. Therefore the routing is most important for using energy efficiently in WSN. The routing protocols of this sensor network have two types: Directed Diffusion and SPIN such as Flat routing protocol, and LEACH (Low-Energy Adaptive(More)
An important objective of surveillance sensor networks is to effectively monitor the environment, and detect, localize, and classify targets of interest. The optimal sensor placement enables us to minimize manpower and time, to acquire accurate information on target situation and movement, and to rapidly change tactics in the dynamic field. Most of previous(More)
MANET(Mobile Ad hoc NETwork) consists of movable only wireless nodes, except fixed station in the wired network. Not only hosts, but also routers for data packet forwarding in network topology changes. It is hard for routing algorithm using previous wired network to be applied to this ad hoc network. In the beginning, table-driven algorithm such as DSDV was(More)
The existing SAR (security aware routing) protocol is an ad hoc network protocol that finds a secure path using the security level of mobile nodes. However, the SAR protocol sometimes transfers data through inefficient transmission paths because It always tries to find secure nodes for a safe transmission. Since it is a protocol based on AODV, the new(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel and efficient genetic algorithm to the optimal sensor placement of nodes for a wireless sensor network designed to monitor enemy vehicles in a hostile region. A notable feature of our genetic algorithm is the combination of mutation derived from physics and crossover in which heterogeneity between genes is removed by(More)
Wireless Mesh Network technology refers to technology that establishes a wireless network whose transmission speed is similar to that of a wired system. It provides enhanced flexibility in the building of the network, compared to the existing wired network. In addition, it has lower mobility and less restriction from the energy effect. However, there are(More)