Hwan-Wen Chen

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In this Letter, low-cost radio-over-fiber (ROF) transport systems are proposed and experimentally demonstrated. By utilizing a laser diode (LD) and a local oscillator (LO) to generate coherent multiband optical carriers, as well as a self-composed wavelength selector to separate every two carriers for different ROF transport systems, no any other dedicated(More)
A bidirectional phase-modulated hybrid cable television/radio-over-fiber lightwave transport system employing fiber Bragg grating tilt filter as a phase modulation-to-intensity modulation conversion scheme is proposed and demonstrated. Impressive performances of carrier-to-noise ratio, composite second-order, composite triple-beat, and bit-error rate are(More)
A combination of an economic multi-band optical carrier generator and a novel optical signal to noise ratio (OSNR) enhancement circuit is proposed and demonstrated for radio over fiber (RoF) transport systems. Different from normal RoF transport systems which a central station (CS) needs multiple dedicate wavelength laser diodes (LDs) to support various(More)
A full-duplex lightwave transport system employing phase-modulated radio-over-fiber (RoF) and intensity-remodulated CATV signals in two-way transmission is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. The transmission performances of RoF and CATV signals are investigated in bidirectional way, with the assistance of only one optical sideband and optical single(More)
The choice of surfactants and cosurfactants for preparation of oral formulation in microemulsions is limited. In this report, a curcumin-encapsulated phospholipids-based microemulsion (ME) using food-grade ingredients soybean oil and soybean lecithin to replace ethyl oleate and purified lecithin from our previous study was established and compared. The(More)
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