Hwan-Sik Yoon

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Recent additive manufacturing technologies, such as 3-D printing and printed electronics, require constant speed motion for consistent material deposition. In this paper, a new path planning algorithm is developed for an \(XY\) -motion stage with an emphasis on aerosol printing. The continuous aerosol stream provided by the printing nozzle requires constant(More)
Although piezoceramic actuators can generate extremely large forces, they normally exhibit small strokes in the range of tens of micrometers. A typical method to amplify these small strokes without sacrificing bandwidth has been to utilize a flexure-based leverage mechanism, where a piezo stack actuator deforms a specially cut metal block. In this paper, a(More)
Recently, new multifunctional fasteners called `smart fasteners' have been proposed for structural health monitoring applications. These devices can be fabricated by modifying the design of ordinary fasteners such that they have a piezoceramic stack transducer embedded in their body. Like ordinary fasteners, smart fasteners can be installed simply by(More)
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