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This paper proposes a constrained two-layer compression technique for electrocardiogram (ECG) waves, of which encoded parameters can be directly used for the diagnosis of arrhythmia. In the first layer, a single ECG beat is represented by one of the registered templates in the codebook. Since the required coding parameter in this layer is only the codebook(More)
Effective rejection of time-varying clutter originating from slowly moving vessels and surrounding tissues is important for depicting hemodynamics in ultrasound color Doppler imaging (CDI). In this paper, a new adaptive clutter rejection method based on spectral analysis (ACR-SA) is presented for suppressing nonstationary clutter. In ACR-SA, tissue and flow(More)
— In this paper, a new novel sound field processing system is proposed. This sound field processing system assists listeners in perceiving audible characteristics of a given movie theater or hall, especially with regard to distance and spatial impression. To extend sound space artificially, conventional algorithms reproduce reflected sounds based on the(More)
— In this paper, a stability property is proved for a class of three-timescale systems, which is induced by a time-varying input that is highly oscillatory but, on average, is slowly-varying. We show a practical stability for such systems in the sense that if the ratios of timescales are sufficiently large, the systems still remain close to the point that(More)
It is known that, if an equilibrium of a nonlinear system has a stability property when an external input is frozen, then the property is maintained under the input being slowly varying. In this paper, we show that the same stability property is preserved not only under slowly varying input but also under slowly-varying-average input (which is not actually(More)
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