Hwan Joo Myung

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For the pharmacokinetic analysis of isoniazid transfer into CSF, steady-state isoniazid concentrations of plasma and CSF were measured in eleven tuberculous meningitis patients confirmed with findings of CSF and neuroimazing. Peak plasma levels (4.17-21.5 micrograms/mL) were achieved at 0.25 to 3 hours after multiple isoniazid dose (600 mg/day). Terminal(More)
To evaluate the efficacy of magnetic resonance imaging in brainstem stroke, we studied 21 cases of clinically definite brainstem ischemic stroke with brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and conventional computed tomography (CT). MRI demonstrated brainstem lesions in 79% of the cases (16.5 out of 21), while CT revealed 33% (7 out of 21) when cases with(More)
To investigate the influence of hyperglycemia on ischemic brain damage, we measured brain ATP, lactate and malondialdehyde (MDA) levels in global cerebral ischemic models of Wistar rats. We induced global cerebral ischemia by the 4-vessel occlusion method. After 30 or 60 min of occlusion, and after 30 min of reperfusion, we measured brain ATP, lactate and(More)
Clinical and postmortem findings of a case that had combined alcoholic pellagra encephalopathy and Wernicke disease are described. This 51-year-old malnourished and chronic alcoholic man presented with progressive mental deterioration, pellagra dermatitis, hypertonus of the neck and other musculatures, myoclonic jerks with bizarre involuntary movements, in(More)
We studied three patients with spontaneous mesencephalic hemorrhages. All presented with some degree of impaired consciousness and abnormal ocular movements. One patient had a convergence-retraction nystagmus with a unilateral hemorrhage confined to the dorsal midbrain. Another patient showed left third nerve palsy due to a unilateral hemorrhage that(More)
An extraordinary eye movement was seen in a vegetative patient. His eyeballs were exotropic in the primary position and showed dissociated nystagmus which appeared alternately in each eye every few seconds. He also had palatal myoclonus quite asynchronous with the nystagmus. To our knowledge, there has been no such nystagmus documented in the literature. We(More)
We investigated the single- and multiple dose pharmacokinetics of a new controlled-release formulation (Orfil retard enteric coated tablet) of valproic acid in comparison with those of the plain tablet as a reference. Twelve healthy volunteers were given each formulation of 300 mg in the single-dose study. In the steady-state multiple-dose study, twelve(More)
PIV(Particle Image Velocimetry) was used to visualize the discharge flow field in a model reciprocating compressor. As the first step to understand the flows in a reciprocating compressor, in which various complex flow phenomena exist, this experiment focused on the behavior of the circular jet flow and basic interaction phenomena of discharge flow with the(More)
This study was intended to correlate the appearance of the cavernous segment of the carotid artery on MR images with the presence of significant stenosis or occlusion of the cervical carotid artery as seen on angiograms in 37 patients with cerebrovascular disorders who had brain MRI and arteriography. Three patients demonstrated an isointense signal within(More)