Hwan-Joo Kwak

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The major characteristics of robots can be divided into several categories ranging from mobility to autonomy. The mobility of service robots is essential and fundamental to commercial and scientific progress. The rapid development of practical service robots depends on our decision which are the most efficient and affordable kinds of locomotion. The(More)
An advanced fuzzy potential field method for mobile robot obstacle avoidance is proposed. The potential field method primarily deals with the repulsive forces surrounding obstacles, while fuzzy control logic focuses on fuzzy rules that handle linguistic variables and describe the knowledge of experts. The design of a fuzzy controller--advanced fuzzy(More)
A new fuzzy inference technique is presented to replace the conventional fuzzy inference process of type‐2 fuzzy logic systems. Because conventional type‐2 fuzzy logic systems demand a large amount of memory, they cannot be used by most embedded systems, which do not have enough memory space. To overcome this problem, a new fuzzy inference technique for(More)
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