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Reconciling Entrepreneurial Orientation and Dynamic Capabilities: A Strategic Entrepreneurship Perspective
Strategic entrepreneurship (SE) emphasises the complementary roles played by entrepreneurship and strategic management in promoting firm growth. This article adopts two dominant concepts from eachExpand
Markets, Financial Institutions, and Corporate Governance: Perspectives from Germany
INTRODUCTION In academic discussions of the efficiency and desirability of corporate monitoring through institutional investors within the United States, the German system receives much attentionExpand
Concentrated Ownership and Corporate Control: Wallenberg Sphere and Samsung Group
Samsung Group’s success cannot be attributed to its corporate governance structure, at least thus far. The corporate governance of Samsung has been rather controversial. As the group faces theExpand
Risk-based perspective on the choice of alliance governance in high-tech industries
Abstract This paper examines the influence of risks on alliance governance modes in high-tech industries. The extant literature has devoted little attention to the preferred governance mode based onExpand
Living with the IMF: A New Approach to Corporate Governance and Regulation of Financial Institutions in Korea
Improving corporate governance is not easy, particularly for newly industrialized economies. Policymakers in such economies have little experience in controlling such problems as shirking and greedExpand
Toward the “Best Practice” Model in a Globalizing Market: Recent Developments in Korean Corporate Governance
This article is a status report. This article briefly describes and analyses recent developments in Korean corporate governance by looking at the Korean economy's adaptation to global standardsExpand
An entrepreneurial paradox: the moderating effect of the external environment
Although entrepreneurial orientation (EO) has been shown to play a key role in increasing firm performance (FP), the effects of EO have been extremely oversimplified. The plethora of empiricalExpand
Taking International Soft Law Seriously: Its Implications for Global Convergence in Corporate Governance
The normative power of international "soft law" has constantly increased through the activities of various international organizations and the reliance that state practice places on the new form ofExpand
International Corporate Governance: A Select Bibliography
This bibliography shall offer a resource for students of comparative and international corporate governance.