Hwan Hee Son

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Odontoblasts, which are responsible for dentine formation, are known to synthesize unique gene products such as dentine sialophosphoprotein. To further identify and clone novel odontoblast-specific genes, a suppression subtractive hybridization technique was used here. Differentially or predominantly expressed cDNAs in odontoblasts of rat incisors were(More)
Applications of gene technology in agriculture, the environment and human health fields are reviewed. This case study of the intricate historical details of the development of Bt crops like cotton and rice unveils essential elements of productive funding schemes and effective multinational collaborations. Gene technology applied to pest resistance traits in(More)
The use of engineered viral strains such as gene therapy vectors and oncolytic viruses (OV) to selectively destroy cancer cells is poised to make a major impact in the clinic and revolutionize cancer therapy. In particular, several studies have shown that OV therapy is safe and well tolerated in humans and can infect a broad range of cancers. Yet in(More)
The poor prognosis of patients with advanced bone and soft-tissue sarcoma has not changed in the past several decades, highlighting the necessity for new therapeutic approaches. Immunotherapies, including oncolytic viral (OV) therapy, have shown great promise in a number of clinical trials for a variety of tumor types. However, the effective application of(More)
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