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Many biologists check and analyze the result of alignment directly for various purpose. The more we get the genome data easily, the more alignment result that needed to be analyzed increase. The new proposed visualization model for alignment sequence is designed to reveal the base sequence of alignment result, which is 3d random walk plot model, developed(More)
In this paper, we propose an eecient t e c hnique for the animation of exible objects. Mass-spring model was employed to represent the exible objects. The easiest approach to animation with mass-spring model is explicit Euler method, but the explicit Euler method has serious disadvantage that it suuers fromìnstability problem'. The implicit integration(More)
Source code plagiarism is a growing concern in academia. Programming assignments are used to evaluate students in programming courses. Therefore, checking programming assignments for plagiarism is essential. If a course consists of a large number of students, it is impractical for a human inspector to check each assignment, and while automated tools are(More)
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