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Hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) is one of the most common causes of acute renal failure in childhood and is primarily diagnosed in up to 4.5% of children who undergo chronic renal replacement therapy. Escherichia coli serotype O157:H7 is the predominant bacterial strain identified in patients with HUS; more than 100 types of Shiga toxin-producing(More)
Cellular senescence is regulated by specific genes in many organisms. The identification and functional analysis of senescence-associated genes could provide valuable insights into the senescence process. Here, we employed a new and improved differential display reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (DDRT-PCR) method that involves annealing(More)
Cellular senescence contributes to tissue and organismal aging, tumor suppression and progress, tissue repair and regeneration, and age-related diseases. Thus, aging intervention might be a promising target for treatment and prevention of diverse age-related diseases. In the present study, we investigated whether juglanin purified from the crude extract of(More)
The Four River Restoration Project (FRRP) was initiated for flood control, water quality improvement, secure clean water, and stream restoration in South Korea. The construction of along the Nakdong River changed many channel characteristics such as longitudinal slope, cross-sectional area, water stage, etc., which affected the sediment regime of the river.(More)
A large proportion of the increased mortality in Turner syndrome (TS) is related to cardiovascular complications. Increased arterial stiffness may be an important predictor related to cardiovascular complications in TS patients. A novel method of evaluating arterial stiffness, which is relatively independent of changes in blood pressure (BP), is the(More)
Abstarct: The very hot and power-hungry x-ray filaments in today's computed tomography (CT) scanners constrain their design to be big and stationary. What if we built a CT scanner that could be deployed at the scene of a car accident to acquire tomographic images before moving the victim? Recent developments in nanotechnology have shown that carbon(More)
Vibrio cholerae, a Gram-negative bacterium, is the causative agent of pandemic cholera. Previous studies have shown that the survival of the seventh pandemic El Tor biotype V. cholerae strain N16961 requires production of acetoin in a glucose-rich environment. The production of acetoin, a neutral fermentation end-product, allows V. cholerae to metabolize(More)
Context Why Turner syndrome (TS) patients are predisposed to autoimmune disease remains unclear. Objective We investigated whether the frequency, phenotype, and suppressive function of CD4 + FOXP3 + regulatory T cells (Tregs) are altered in young TS patients with the 45,X karyotype compared to age-matched controls. Methods Peripheral blood mononuclear cells(More)
PURPOSE Whether parental origin of the intact X chromosome and/or the presence of Y chromosome sequences (Yseq) play a role in three-year height response to growth hormone (GH) were investigated. METHODS Paternal (Xp) or maternal (Xm) origin of X chromosome was assessed by microsatellite marker analysis and the presence of hidden Yseq was analyzed. The(More)
Objective Clinicopathological characteristics at diagnosis and long-term outcomes of pediatric thyroid cancer were analyzed. Predictors for poor outcome or recurrence were investigated among pediatric papillary thyroid cancer (PTC) patients. Whether young age at diagnosis (<20 years) was independently predictive for recurrence was investigated among PTC(More)