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PURPOSE We investigated bladder function, with a special focus on nonvoiding contractions (NVCs), in awake rats with chronic chemical cystitis and bladder outlet obstruction (BOO) by use of simultaneous registrations of intravesical and intraabdominal pressures. In addition, we tested the effects of tolterodine on the NVCs in these models. METHODS A total(More)
PURPOSE We investigated bladder function, with special focus on initial functional changes, by objective report of decompensated bladder according to the percentage of residual urine volume to bladder capacity in awake, obstructed rats. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty rats were randomly subjected to sham operations (n=10) or partial bladder outlet(More)
PURPOSE The urodynamic effects of intravesical PGE2 instillation on bladder function and detrusor overactivity (DO) during the filling phase were investigated in rats by measuring intraabdominal and intravesical pressures simultaneously. MATERIALS AND METHODS Continuous cystometry was performed inconscious, female and male Sprague- Dawley rats. We(More)
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