Hwa-Kyun Park

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We investigated the physical mechanism for the pattern transition from square lattice to stripes, which appears in vertically oscillating granular layers. We present a continuum model to show that the transition depends on the competition between inertial force and local saturation of transport. By introducing multiple free-flight times, this model further(More)
In coupled chaotic bistable systems such as Lorenz and Chua oscillators, twophase domains are formed. The dynamics of each domain is confined to one phase and typically exhibits two types of behavior: oscillation death or nearly periodic oscillations. We elucidate the role of intrinsic broad time scales on the confinement and the oscillation death. PACS(More)
Classical-quantum correspondence in a classically chaotic system has been one of the most interesting problem in physics for a long time [1,2]. In quantum mechanics, the time evolution of a wave function follows a linear Schrödinger equation, and so there is no possibility of a sensitivity on the initial condition, a trademark of classical chaos. Also,(More)
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