Hwa-Kyun Park

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We investigate the threshold behaviour of transmission resonances and quasibound states in the multichannel scattering problems of a one-dimensional (1D) time-dependent impurity potential, and the related problem of a single impurity in a quasi-1D wire. It was claimed before in the literature that a quasibound state disappears when a transmission zero(More)
We investigated the physical mechanism for the pattern transition from square lattice to stripes, which appears in vertically oscillating granular layers. We present a continuum model to show that the transition depends on the competition between inertial force and local saturation of transport. By introducing multiple free-flight times, this model further(More)
The scaling properties of a random walker subject to the global constraint that it needs to visit each site an even number of times are determined. Such walks are realized in the equilibrium state of one-dimensional surfaces that are subject to dissociative-dimer-type surface dynamics. Moreover, they can be mapped onto unconstrained random walks on a random(More)
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