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Morphology and ultrastructure of orbicules in the subfamily Ixoroideae (Rubiaceae).
The results suggest that orbicule characters in the Ixoroideae may be systematically useful on tribal level.
Pollen morphological survey of Pentas (Rubiaceae-Rubioideae) and its closest allies.
Pollen descriptions, based on LM and SEM observations, are provided for the Pentas complex, an African alliance within the Hedyotideae-Spermacoceae alliance, which includes the genera Pentas,
Perceived muscular tension is a risk factor for future neck-shoulder symptoms
Methods: Data were used from the PROMO study, a prospective cohort study among 1951 office workers with a follow-up duration of two years. Risk factors were assessed with a questionnaire at baseline
Position sense acuity and tracking performance in subjects with and without neck and upper extremity symptoms
Congresbijdragen. Sixth International Scientific Conference on Prevention of Work-Related Musculosketal Disorders (PREMUS) Boston, USA, 27-30 august 2007.
Interferon-induced acute renal failure in nephrotic
ultrafiltration pressure for glomerular hyperfiltration in young calcium channel blockers nephrectomized rats. Sir, Amlodipine on renal haemodynamics and microalbuminuria in patients with essential
Fatigue effects on tracking performance
The objective of the present study was to test the effect of fatigue on task performance in a tracking task performed with a computer mouse. Participants performed a two-minute tracking task twice
The Duration of computer use as risk for hand-arm and neck-shoulder symptoms
This systematic review marizes the evidence for a relation between the duration of computer use and the incidence of hand-arm and neck- shoulder symptoms and disorders and proposes a pathophysiological model focussing on the overuse of muscles during computer use.