Huyen Thi Thanh Nguyen

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—In wireless sensor networks (WSNs), key management is one of the crucial aspects of security. Although existing key management schemes are enough to solve most of the security constraints on WSNs, a random-key predistribution scheme has recently evolved as an efficient solution for sharing keys between sensor nodes. Studying the signal ranges of the sensor(More)
The pressure dependence of the superconducting transition temperature (Tc) and unit cell metrics of tetragonal (NH3)yCs0.4FeSe were investigated in high pressures up to 41 GPa. The Tc decreases with increasing pressure up to 13 GPa, which can be clearly correlated with the pressure dependence of c (or FeSe layer spacing). The Tc vs. c plot is compared with(More)
The chief predicament against the accomplishment of key setup in sensor networks is the deecient fraction of the keys shared between the neighboring nodes, and the efforts to keep the nodes around their expected position becomes more inadequate in many applications. In this paper, we have focused our attention on a progressing exible polynomial(More)
We report syntheses of new superconducting metal-doped MoSe2 materials (MxMoSe2). The superconducting MxMoSe2 samples were prepared using a liquid NH3 technique, and can be represented as '(NH3)yMxMoSe2'. The Tcs of these materials were approximately 5.0 K, independent of x and the specific metal atom. X-ray diffraction patterns of (NH3)yNaxMoSe2 were(More)
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