Huyen T. L. Nguyen

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Monitoring for drug-induced liver injury (DILI) via serial transaminase measurements in patients on potentially hepatotoxic medications (e.g., for HIV and tuberculosis) is routine in resource-rich nations, but often unavailable in resource-limited settings. Towards enabling universal access to affordable point-of-care (POC) screening for DILI, we have(More)
Correct wiring is crucial for the proper functioning of the nervous system. Molecular gradients provide critical signals to guide growth cones, which are the motile tips of developing axons, to their targets. However, in vitro, growth cones trace highly stochastic trajectories, and exactly how molecular gradients bias their movement is unclear. Here, we(More)
Microfluidics can be used to generate flow-driven gradients of chemotropic guidance cues with precisely controlled steepnesses for indefinite lengths of time. Neuronal cells grown in the presence of these gradients can be studied for their response to the effects exerted by the cues. Here we describe a polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) microfluidics chamber(More)
We report syntheses of new superconducting metal-doped MoSe2 materials (MxMoSe2). The superconducting MxMoSe2 samples were prepared using a liquid NH3 technique, and can be represented as '(NH3)yMxMoSe2'. The Tcs of these materials were approximately 5.0 K, independent of x and the specific metal atom. X-ray diffraction patterns of (NH3)yNaxMoSe2 were(More)
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