Huyen T. L. Nguyen

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The pressure dependence of the superconducting transition temperature (Tc) and unit cell metrics of tetragonal (NH3)yCs0.4FeSe were investigated in high pressures up to 41 GPa. The Tc decreases with increasing pressure up to 13 GPa, which can be clearly correlated with the pressure dependence of c (or FeSe layer spacing). The Tc vs. c plot is compared with(More)
A cryogenic loading system for introducing H(2) and D(2) into the diamond anvil cell has been designed and constructed. The integration of pressure loading mechanism, ruby fluorescence spectrometer, and microscope camera allows for in situ tuning and calibrating the pressure. The performance of the system has been demonstrated by successful synthesis of(More)
Potassium-doped picene (K3.0picene) with a superconducting transition temperature (T C) as high as 14 K at ambient pressure has been prepared using an annealing technique. The shielding fraction of this sample was 5.4% at 0 GPa. The T C showed a positive pressure-dependence and reached 19 K at 1.13 GPa. The shielding fraction also reached 18.5%. To(More)
We report syntheses of new superconducting metal-doped MoSe2 materials (MxMoSe2). The superconducting MxMoSe2 samples were prepared using a liquid NH3 technique, and can be represented as '(NH3)yMxMoSe2'. The Tcs of these materials were approximately 5.0 K, independent of x and the specific metal atom. X-ray diffraction patterns of (NH3)yNaxMoSe2 were(More)
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