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This study investigates the relationships between student en-trainment to a tutoring dialogue system and learning. By finding the features of prosodic entrainment which correlate with learning , we hope to inform educational dialogue systems aiming to leverage entrainment. We propose a novel method to measure prosodic entrainment and find specific features(More)
In this paper, we introduce a specific document retrieval system for searching the course wares in library. This system is designed by basing on the Vietnamese Language Query Processing (VLQP) framework. This VLQP framework, introduced to give support of building easily an application of searching documents, replies on information which is described in(More)
OBSERVATIONS: • Peer reviews address instructor/TA workload and help student develop writing and evaluation skills • However, a disparity between expert (instructor/TA) and peer grades is unavoidable OUR GOALS: • Better understand the validity [3] of peer assessment • Identify peer outliers in terms of rating disparity with experts METHODS: • Classify peers(More)
The aim of this research is to develop a Question-Answering (QA) system which is based on a First-Order Logic (FOL) inference mechanism to determine answers for Vietnamese questions about outage schedule of electricity and water in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. In this paper, firstly we focus on parsing the syntax, and secondly on representing the semantics,(More)
Together with the wide spread of network devices with broadband access, streaming has become more and more popular as the favorite mechanism for broadcasting real-time events to a large number of users. The traditional approaches to live streaming include IP multicast and client-server based streaming. Of them, IP multicast is not globally deployed while(More)
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