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OBJECTIVES To evaluate the association between multiple complications and postoperative outcomes and to assess which complications occur together in patients with multiple complications. BACKGROUND Patients who suffer multiple complications have increased risk of prolonged hospital stay and mortality. However, little is known about what places patients at(More)
Hernia post-operative repair problems are infrequent and easily managed, but plug migration can be a more complicated event. Mesh plug migration is very uncommon and rarely presents as a suspected malignancy. We document a case involving a 79-year-old woman who exhibited a complex right-sided cystic mass that was presumed to be an adnexal malignancy.(More)
OBJECTIVES Craniovertebral junction (CVJ) can be approached from various corridors depending on the location and extent of disease. A three-dimensional understanding of anatomy of CVJ is paramount for safe surgery in this region. Aim of this cadaveric study is to elucidate combined microscopic and endoscopic anatomy of critical neurovascular structures in(More)
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