Huy Nguyen Anh Pham

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Medical data mining has recently become one of the most popular topics in the data mining community. This is due to the societal importance of the field and also the particular computational challenges posed in this domain of data mining. However, current medical data mining approaches oftentimes use identical costs or just ignore them for the different(More)
According to the American Diabetes Association [3] in November 2007, 20.8 million children and adults in the United States (approximately 7% of the population) were diagnosed with diabetes. Thus, the ability to diagnose diabetes early plays an important role for the patient’s treatment process. The World Health Organization [4] proposed the eight(More)
Dedicated machine constraint is one of the new challenges introduced in photolithography machinery of the semiconductor manufacturing system due to natural bias. Previous researches either did not take the constraint into account or the proposed heuristic approach might not fit the fast-changing market of semiconductor manufacturing. In this paper, we(More)
This paper proposes a graph framework to undertake the issue of scheduling for dedicated machine constraint in the semiconductor manufacturing system. By finding the shortest paths in the graph, the framework finds the best scheduling result with an optimal makespan for the system. The framework first constructs a graph based on the current situation and(More)
Semiconductor manufacturing with the dedicated machine constraint is a new challenge for scheduling problems. Previous studies have either not taken this constraint into account or proposed heuristic approaches which might not provide the efficient makespan and the efficient time. This paper proposes a goal-oriented approach called the Optimization of(More)
We propose an integer programming (IP) framework to undertake the dedicated photolithography machine constraint in semiconductor manufacturing. The constraint is one of the new challenges set by the process engineer in semiconductor manufacturing due to natural bias of photolithography machines. Previous researches either did not take the constraint into(More)
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