Huy M. Huynh

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We carried out an analysis of the expression of Prox1, a homeo-domain transcription factor, during mouse inner ear development with particular emphasis on the auditory system. Prox1 is expressed in the otocyst beginning at embryonic day (E)11, in the developing vestibular sensory patches. Expression is down regulated in maturing (myosin VIIA immunoreactive)(More)
—Ambiguity in meanings of words or phrases in a document is considered one of the most primary barriers in natural language processing. In this work, we address the task of identifying and linking mentions of entities into correct referents described in a given knowledge base. To deal with it, we propose a supervised learning method for ranking candidate(More)
Wikification is the task to link textual mentions in a document to articles in Wikipedia. It comprises three main steps, namely, mention recognition, candidate generation, and entity linking. For candidate generation, existing methods use hyperlinks in Wikipedia or match a mention of discourse to Wikipedia article titles. They may miss the correct target(More)
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