Huy Duong Bui

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Two cases of complications of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy are described that have not been reported previously. Each had misplacement of a gastrostomy tube in the intestine, one in the transverse colon resulting in profuse diarrhea and metabolic acidosis, and the other in the jejunum causing adhesions with subsequent small bowel obstruction. An(More)
Acute pancreatitis can be caused by inadvertent migration into the duodenum of the inflated balloon of a Foley gastrostomy catheter. The clinical picture is that of an acute abdomen. The diagnosis is made with a high index of suspicion and confirmed by marked elevation of serum and urine amylase levels. The treatment consists of repositioning of the(More)
To determine whether gastrostomy and fundoplication prevent aspiration pneumonia in mentally retarded individuals, 105 cases of feeding gastrostomy were examined; 21 subjects had preoperatively diagnosed gastroesophageal reflux. Thirty-nine patients had gastrostomy and fundoplication, 66 patients had gastrostomy alone, and 60 subjects had had aspiration(More)
The concept of delayed splenic rupture is an evolving one. The cases reviewed have led us to reserve the term "delayed splenic rupture" for the situation in which early post-traumatic imaging of the spleen is normal and is followed by the diagnosis of splenic hemorrhage 48 or more hours after the initial insult. Post-traumatic splenic evaluation is(More)
We consider an inverse problem for determining an inhomogeneity in a viscoelastic body of the Zener type, using Cauchy boundary data, under cyclic loads at low frequency. We show that the inverse problem reduces to the one for the Helmholtz equation and to the same nonlinear Calderon equation given for the harmonic case. A method of solution is proposed(More)