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In this paper we report the molecular profiling, lipidome and proteome, of the plant organelle known as an oil body (OB). The OB is remarkable in that it is able to perform its biological role (storage of triglycerides) whilst resisting the physical stresses caused by changes during desiccation (dehydration) and germination (rehydration). The molecular(More)
Ag(+) resistance was initially found on the Salmonella enetrica serovar Typhimurium multi-resistance plasmid pMG101 from burns patients in 1975. The putative model of Ag(+) resistance, encoded by the sil operon from pMG101, involves export of Ag(+) via an ATPase (SilP), an effluxer complex (SilCFBA) and a periplasmic chaperon of Ag(+) (SilE). SilE is(More)
BACKGROUND Discharge from hospital presents significant risks to patient safety, with up to one in five patients experiencing adverse events within 3 weeks of leaving hospital. AIM To describe the frequency and types of patient safety incidents associated with discharge from secondary to primary care, and commonly described contributory factors to(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Impacted cerumen is a common condition in adults. It is commonly believed that wearing hearing aids may increase the cerumen impaction, although no empirical evidence exist. The current study was aimed at studying if the use of hearing aids increase the likelihood of impaction of cerumen. SUBJECTS AND METHODS The study used(More)
  • Andrew Carson-Stevens, Peter Hibbert, Anthony Avery, Amy Butlin, Ben Carter, Alison Cooper +15 others
  • 2015
INTRODUCTION Incident reports contain descriptions of errors and harms that occurred during clinical care delivery. Few observational studies have characterised incidents from general practice, and none of these have been from the England and Wales National Reporting and Learning System. This study aims to describe incidents reported from a general practice(More)
I have been involved in planning and retail development throughout my professional career. All too frequently I have found that opinion-formers' attitudes to new development, and particularly its effects, are founded on populism rather than sound analysis of the facts. Similarly, and more worryingly, policy makers' and decision takers' approach to new(More)
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