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The cancer chemotherapeutic agent Taxol (paclitaxel) causes a dose-related peripheral neuropathy in humans. We produced a dose-dependent large-fiber sensory neuropathy, without detrimental effects on general health, in mature rats by using two intravenous injections 3 days apart. Tests of other dosing schedules demonstrated the dependence of the severity of(More)
Sensory and motor conduction velocities calculated from latencies of H reflexes and M waves in rat hind limbs have been used to assess experimental peripheral neuropathy. Amplitudes and latencies vary with recording location, and are seldom assessed directly. Using subcutaneous electrodes on the foot, we recorded consistent M waves and H reflexes while(More)
AIMS To ascertain the type and relative frequency of major factors associated with deaths from cervical cancer. METHODS Deaths from cervical cancer in Rotherham district for the period 1989-1991 were subjected to multifactorial audit by reviewing laboratory, hospital, and general practitioner records; together with, when appropriate, re-screening of(More)
TPEs provide medical designers with a broad spectrum of soft-feel, hygienic materials that can readily fulfill accepted medical industry standards with the exception of body implants. Ultimate performance is a combination of tailor-made formulations coupled with innovative design that captures the capability of the material's properties and thermoplastic(More)
The receptor-mediated axonal transport of [125I]-labeled neurotrophins by afferent and efferent neurons of the vagus nerve was determined to predict the responsiveness of these neurons to neurotrophins in vivo. [125I]-labeled neurotrophins were administered to the proximal stump of the transected cervical vagus nerve of adult rats. Vagal afferent neurons(More)
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