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Bell’s Theorem depends on the assumption that hidden variables are not influenced by future measurement settings, and it is widely recognised that some of the puzzling features of quantum mechanics could be explained if this assumption were invalid. The suggestion has generally been regarded as outlandish, however, even by the taxed standards of the(More)
It has become widely accepted that temporal asymmetry is largely a cosmological problem; the task of explaining temporal asymmetry reduces in the main to that of explaining an aspect of the condition of the early universe. However, cosmologists who discuss these issues often make mistakes similar to those that plagued nineteenth century discussions of the(More)
Christian List (London School of Economics) and Peter Menzies (Macquarie University) (forthcoming in the Journal of Philosophy) ABSTRACT It is often argued that higher-level special-science properties cannot be causally efficacious since the lower-level physical properties on which they supervene are doing all the causal work. This claim is usually derived(More)
BACKGROUND There is conflicting evidence on specific reverse transcriptase inhibitors to which the N348I mutation in the connection domain of HIV type-1 reverse transcriptase confers resistance. Here, we examined associations between the emergence of N348I and antiretroviral history in a large clinical database. METHODS We analysed 5,353 resistance tests(More)
1. The relevance of science to philosophy What is philosophical naturalism? Most fundamentally, presumably, it is the view that natural science constrains philosophy, in the following sense. The concerns of the two disciplines are not simply disjoint, and science takes the lead where the two overlap. At the very least, then, to be a philosophical naturalist(More)
‘The need to justify our beliefs to ourselves and our fellow agents subjects us to norms, and obedience to these norms produces a behavioural pattern that we must detect in others before confidently attributing beliefs to them. But there seems to be no occasion to look for obedience to an additional norm – the commandment to seek the truth. For – to return(More)
Speech act theory is one of the more lasting products of the linguistic movement in philosophy of the mid-Twentieth century. Within philosophy itself the movement’s products did not in general prove so durable. Particularly striking in this respect is the perceived fate of what was one of the most characteristic applications of the linguistic turn in(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish a link between tryptophan (a precursor for 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) or serotonin, involved in sleep and fatigue) and post-operative fatigue after major surgery. BACKGROUND There is a link between tryptophan (the precursor for the neurotransmitter 5-hydroxytryptamine), and its competitive binding with non-esterified fatty acids(More)