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Time-pregnant Sprague-Dawley rats were injected subcutaneously with 20 mg/kg of cocaine HCl or 0.9% saline daily from gestation days 15 through 21. Maternal plasma levels of approximately 720 ng/ml of cocaine did not alter maternal weight gain during treatment, duration of pregnancy, any of the litter variables or several indices of maternal behavior.(More)
The possibility of immunizing human infants against rotaviruses, which cause severe dehydrating diarrheal disease, may depend on the use of a related rotavirus, derived from another animal species, as a source of antigen. To test the feasibility of this approach, calves were infected in utero with a bovine rotavirus and challenged with bovine or human type(More)
PURPOSE To compare organ specific cancer incidence risks for standard and complex external beam radiotherapy (including cone beam CT verification) following breast conservation surgery for early breast cancer. METHOD Doses from breast radiotherapy and kilovoltage cone beam CT (CBCT) exposures were obtained from thermoluminescent dosimeter measurements in(More)
A complement-fixation (C.F.) test for the human reovirus-like agent of infantile gastroenteritis has been developed using the serologically related Nebraska calf diarrhoea virus (N.C.D.V.) as antigen. Most infants and children who shed the agent in stools and/or who demonstrated serological (C.F.) evidence of infection with a reovirus-like-particle-positive(More)
Modeling) and SurfaceSlice are marks of Schlumberger. 1. For a data processing review see: Boreham D, Kingston J, Shaw P and van Zeelst J: " 3D Marine Seismic Data Processing, " Oilfield Review 3 no. 1 (Jan-uary 1991): 41-55. 2. SEG-Y is a digital tape format for data exchange specified by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists. 3. The IES and IESX(More)
Sodium bicarbonate abuse is unusual, and rarely reported. A patient was extensively investigated at several hospitals for a recurrent hypokalaemic metabolic alkalosis; it transpired that she had been abusing sodium bicarbonate for 8 years and had gained hospital admission at will by taking large amounts. She also showed features of the Munchausen syndrome.
Fifty depressed in-patients at two psychiatric units, one in Italy the other in England, were treated with clomipramine, either orally, or intravenously and orally. A comparison of clinical response with plasma levels of clomipramine and its metabolite, desmethylclomipramine, showed clear relationships especially in the case of desmethylclomipramine. In the(More)
Diagnostic and demographic data were collected from all 2,298 psychiatric hospital admissions for affective illnesses from private households in the City of Plymouth for the six-year period 1970-1975 inclusive. Intercorrelations of diagnostic subtypes were performed, together with a multiple regression analysis against spatial and ecological data from the(More)
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