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Copper amine oxidases have a complex reaction cycle that converts a primary amine and molecular oxygen into the aldehyde, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Coupling structural studies of freeze-trapped reaction intermediates in crystals with kinetic and spectroscopic experiments in solution has generated a detailed molecular picture of catalysis. Although(More)
This paper illustrates the benejits, for a wide range of design activities, of Interactive Visualization Artifacts. INTRODUCTION In an extremely wide range of design tasks, of which electronic product design is an example, the designer is concerned with the influence of the parameters-whose values can be chosen-upon the performances which are of direct(More)
This video demonstrates the Influence Explorer, an interactive visualization tool to support engineering design. The video uses a simplified example related to light bulb design to demonstrate the complex multivariate nature of such problems. We then try to show how interactive visualization allows jluent exploration of this problem and subsequent(More)
Galactose oxidase (GO; E.C. is a copper- containing enzyme that oxidizes a range of primary alcohols to aldehydes. This broad substrate specificity is reflected in a high K(M) for substrates. Directed evolution has previously been used to select variants of GO that exhibit enhanced expression and kinetic properties. In assays using unpurified(More)
Analytical ultracentrifugation (AUC) has reemerged as a powerful technique for protein characterisation. We report the pivotal role sedimentation equilibrium AUC has played in the development of macrophage inflammatory protein-1 alpha (MIP-1 alpha) as a protein therapeutic. MIP-1 alpha has potential clinical applications in cancer but its clinical use is(More)
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