Huub M. M. ten Eikelder

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In biological organisms, networks of chemical reactions control the processing of information in a cell. A general approach to study the behavior of these networks is to analyze common modules. Instead of this analytical approach to study signaling networks, we construct functional motifs from the bottom up. We formulate conceptual networks of biochemical(More)
Regional variation in ionic membrane currents causes differences in action potential duration (APD) and is proarrhythmic. After several weeks of ventricular pacing, AP morphology and duration are changed due to electrical remodeling of the transient outward potassium current (I to) and the L-type calcium current (I Ca,L). It is not clear what mechanism(More)
In this paper we revisit the idea of relating the genetic code to a Gray code. This idea was originally fostered by Rosemary Swanson as a " unifying concept for the amino acid code ". We show that cyclic arrangements of the codons which are different from the one proposed by Swanson, but which are still based on the principle of minimal change, yield a(More)
We present a formal analysis of amino acid replacement during mRNA translation. Building on an abstract stochastic model of arrival of tRNAs and their processing at the ribosome, we compute probabilities of the insertion of amino acids into the nascent polypeptide chain. To this end, we integrate the probabilistic model checker Prism in the Matlab(More)
For the analysis of the dynamics of game playing populations, it is common practice to assume infinitely large populations. Infinite models yield predictions of fixed points and their stability properties. However, these models cannot demonstrate the influence of genetic drift, caused by stochastic sampling in small populations. Instead, we propose Markov(More)
Since many of these notes are preliminary versions or may be published elsewhere, they have a limited distribution only and are not for review.. Copies of these notes are available from the author. Abstract In this paper we present constructions of cpo models for second order lambda calculi with recursive types and/or subtyping. The model constructions are(More)
Atrial fibrillation is the most common cardiac arrhythmia. Structural cardiac defects such as fibrosis and gap junction remodeling lead to a reduced cellular electrical coupling and are known to promote atrial fibrillation. It has been observed that the expression of the hyperpolarization-activated current If is increased under pathological conditions.(More)
In order to study genetic algorithms in co-evolutionary environments , we construct a Markov model of co-evolution of populations with fixed, finite population sizes. In this combined Markov model, the behavior toward the limit can be utilized to study the relative performance of the algorithms. As an application of the model, we perform an analysis of the(More)